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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Some house sales are very straight forward, requiring very little extra work on the home owners' or realtor's part. Ours was not like that. We had a medium sized house on an extra small seaside lot, with property line problems, encroachments, etc. If it weren't for Austin's expertise and  perseverance, we would not have been able to fulfill all of the requirements for closing. Through it all, Austin would say "don't worry, we'll figure it out", in a way that made us feel he meant it; he wasn't just saying it. And, true to his word, one by one, all of our title problems were cleared up, closing happened, and the new folks are enjoying life by the sea with a crystal clear title.

Austin helped our family closed on our house. Austin was very responsive throughout our whole home-searching process and made sure our questions were answered in a timely manner. He was also very patient when showing us houses that we wanted to see. Furthermore, we thought that he was personable  and we could talk freely about anything. We would definitely recommend our friends to Austin.

Austin was very helpful and flexible in my process of buying a home. He was always responsive and swift by text/email when I asked to schedule multiple home showings. When we put down an offer, he always followed up with the seller's agent to make sure that we were always up to date with as much  information as possible. My personal situation and search criteria changed multiple times in the process, and Austin was understanding with whatever change I wanted. I do not have that much experience in home-buying, but Austin took his time to explain all of the details to me. I am recommending Austin to my family and friends, and will look for him again if I ever need any other real estate services.

Earlier this year, we began to process of planning to sell our condo and buy a single family home, with the added wrinkle of coordinating it with my mother selling  her home in New York and moving with us. It was delicate balance of timing, and Austin guided us expertly through it all. He went above and beyond, communicating with my mother's out of state realtor and also starting the process of finding her short term housing, which she ultimately didn't need, but we knew we were full covered either way. We found a home we were interested in rather more quickly than we thought, and our offer was accepted, speeding up our timeline. Austin's recommendations for getting our condo ready to sell were spot on and we sold it in a weekend. He was also incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the complexities of the buying process, negotiating with the sellers to get some much-needed work done. Austin is professional, attentive, careful, thoughtful and, of course, very knowledgable. Even though we knew he was wildly busy, we always felt taken care of. Great experience!

Austin was dedicated and always available - we learned so much from him through the process, which is so important as a first time home buyer. It couldn't have been better, I will recommend him to everyone i meet

very professional and efficient performance by Austin. I use Austin's help rent out my place within 30 days with 25% higher rent and sold one of my investment property within 2 months time frame with target price. If you need someone to get the job done, I would not look further.

As a first time home buyer, my having little knowledge of the buying process seemed like a disadvantage. Austin always took the time to explain the ins and out of each stage in the buying process, and made sure I knew it was important to him that I felt knowledgable and informed. I knew  whatever I was calling about was important to him because it was important to me. His connections and recommendations on local people to work with for mortgages, inspection, cleaning services etc were extremely helpful and helped simplify and streamline the details/ nuances of the process. It was easy to lean on his expertise and let him take the reigns. I knew he really had my best interests in mind. It was apparent at every stage that he is a professional who knows his market and appreciates his clients wants and needs and is willing to go get them met. His ability to highlight the pros and cons of each property in a way that makes sense to your individual situation/ needs is reassusing and really showed me that he valued and understood what I was looking for in my first home. The home buying process is stressful, but with an agent like Austin, who knows and loves what he is doing, it is easy to manage the stress of each part of the process and see the HOME at the end of the tunnel. I now have a new home that I love ! It was all worth it! It wasn't an easy deal and Austin's negotiating skills really played a huge role in the house closing. ( He also helped me work through the frustrations and disappointments that usually happen when looking to buy for the first time!) I would recommend Austin to any type of buyer or seller; first time or veteraned. He knows his stuff. He works really hard for his clients. He is knowledgable, passionate and cool headed, all things I have learned are crucial to getting deals to close. He cares about keeping all parties excited and happy while always putting his client first. I am beyond thankful I chose Austin to be my real estate agent, and excited for my new adventure! Thank you Austin!

Austin was very knowledgeable about the Quincy real estate market. He helped me successfully navigate the sometimes stressful process of buying a first home.

In case you don't read the rest of this review, I'll say this upfront and make it very clear: Austin Partain is a PHENOMENAL Real Estate Professional. If you're not working with him, you should be. To say that working with Austin was a great experience is an understatement. As first-time  home-buyers, looking for a multi-family in the Quincy area, we struck gold with Austin. He knows the area SO well, understands all sides of the market, is familiar with the process, and stays up to date on changes in the industry so he's always on top of his game. As for his relationships with his clients, dedication isn't a strong enough word. He lives and breathes his job. He knows how complex and frustrating the home-buying process can be and he was always there to walk us through it, step by step, making sure we fully understood every detail. He responded to emails, texts, and phone calls in such a timely manner that we felt like we might have been his only client. Throughout our entire process, we were so happy to have Austin by our side. Early in our search, Austin helped us figure out what we really wanted in a home and neighborhood. Later, he showed us the ropes of building an offer and negotiating with sellers. Finally, he walked us through the signing and closing process and managed to keep us excited the entire way through. There were honestly times when it felt like this couldn't possibly be the way home-buying works because it was far too easy for us. Austin worked hard so we didn't have to. To reiterate, Austin is SO wonderful and I cannot recommend him enough. Give him a call, you'll be so glad you did.

Austin is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent. He was a great asset in helping us buy our first condo. Compared to other agents, he was very patient and never pushy, willing to show as many condos as we wanted to see. He went above and beyond by picking up keys the day of the closing and dropping them off at the new condo while we were packing. He is a great realtor and we highly recommend him.

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